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Below are articles, podcasts, and other media featuring the Performance Accelerated Learning team.


5 steps to create a culture of inclusion and belonging at work

More is needed for a company to say they’re inclusive. They need to walk the walk. After years of lackluster results from diversity initiatives, some lessons still need to be learned by executives.

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Employee Productivity: Belonging Is The Key To The Future of DEIB

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is more important than ever for organizations to create inclusive workplaces where everyone feels like they belong.

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Calling People Back To The Office Won't Improve Performance

To achieve performance, everyone needs to know what's expected of them. In this article, Justin shares how to improve performance without calling everyone back to the office.


Shaping the future of employee experience

Organizations that are successful beyond 2023 will align individual performance to their strategy with a strong culture in a hybrid working environment.

5 tips for successful remote onboarding in 2023

Remote and hybrid work isn't going away. Set your people up for success with these five tips to build a stellar remote onboarding experience.

Listen in to learn all about Justin’s lived experiences, the process of writing his book and how important belonging is in organisations and communities.


Creating Belonging

with Justin Reinert

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The decisions organizations make as leaders impact the lives of others, and not being responsible for running your business also means you’re irresponsible with others’ lives. In this latest article, Justin Reinert shares what lazy leadership looks like.

Belonging is created at the intersection of authenticity and acceptance. We can only find our way there when we spend time in self-reflection and move into self-acceptance.

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