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Bias Interrupted Hiring Workshop

You continue to invest in building an inclusive workplace.


Your Talent Acquisition team works hard to present a diverse slate of candidates.


Do your hiring managers have the skills to hire the best person for the job?

Or are they just hiring people they like?

Bias Interrupted Hiring will build the skills needed for your hiring managers to ensure they are mitigating bias in the interview process, through an objective and proven way to evaluate talent.

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A study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that only 10% of unconscious bias training programs gave attendees actual strategies for reducing bias. They compared it to the effectiveness a weight loss program would have if participants only weighed in with no strategies or actions to actually lose weight.

Bias Interrupted Hiring moves beyond awareness and provides participants with concrete actions to mitigate bias during the hiring process. Through the workshop they’ll build interview guides to create objective assessments of their candidates, based on the skills and competencies necessary for the roles they’re hiring for. It's a critical component of any leadership development strategy.

Interrupt Bias

Identify and explain how bias shows up and create a plan to mitigate.

Structure Success

Identify and prioritize competencies and skills to create structured interview guides.

Question Effectively

Practice effective questioning techniques to uncover performance related data.

The ROI of Bias Interrupted Hiring

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According to various sources, including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) it can cost anywhere from 50% to 2x an employee's salary to replace them.


Assuming an average salary of $70k, making just one less unsuitable hire would save at least $35k.

In an organization of 500, improving attrition by just 2% through better hiring would mean savings of at least $350k.

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